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Maximum Temperature Records

Wednesday, 07 August 2019 10:43

July's Heat wave broke several maximum temperature records all over Germany, as well as here in Bochum at the working group's city climate station (LMSS). On 24th of July the 2015 overall temperature record of 37.5 °C was surpassed by 1 K. The following day this new record was broken again, setting the new record maximum temperature at 40.5 °C. This was also the first time since the beginning of measurements at this station in 1912, that the maximum temperature was higher than 40 °C. 

The figure of the 10 hottest days since the beginning of measurements also shows, that 9 of these 10 days lie within this century and moreover that 6 of the hottest 10 days were recorded in the past 4 years.

This general trend of higher maximum temperatures is represented as well in the second figure, which shows all yearly maximum temperatures since 1912.