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Fog encroaching on a mountain forest

PAK 823-825: Climate indicators on the local scale for past, present and future (funded by DFG since 2013)

The main objective is the generation of a high resolution Climate Indicator System (hrCIS) for the Andes Mountains of South Ecuador relevant for ecosystem research.The gridded / spatial-explicit climatology is produced by applying the numerical grid box model Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) and will be dynamically downscaled from the global scale to the regional / local scale.

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PAK 927/1: Corsiclimate: Seasonal and topographic partitioning of vapor transport, cloud and precipitation in Corsica, with special reference to PBL height (funded by DFG since 2017)

Precipitation dynamics in Corsica will be investigated to unveil the interplay between local breeze systems, large-scale circulation and topography. Combinations of methodological approaches encompassing ground-based observations within the PBL, satellite-based remote sensing and high resolution numerical modelling will be applied. 

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Plan4CHANGE: Neue Wege zu einer Klimaangepassten Stadtplanung am Beispiel des Modellgebiets "Quartier FELDMARK" (funded by BMUB since 2014)

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STAKLIBO: Aktivierung der Bodenkühlleistung für stadtklimatische Konzepte zur Klimaanpassung am Beispiel der Stadt Neuss (funded by BMUB since 2015)

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TRANSPIRANT: Verdunstung von Niederschlagswässern als neuer Ansatz zur KLIMAWANDELANPASSUNG  (funded by BMUB since 2016)

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