Group Office

Name Role Room Phone: +49 (0)234 32- Email:
Heike Pientka-Noll Secretary IA 6/123 28313 heike.pientka-noll

Working Group Climatology

Name Role Room Phone: +49 (0)234 32- Email:
Sigrid Block Physico-technical assistant IA 6/99 24244 sigrid.block
Charlotte Hüser Student assistant IA 6/99 24244 charlotte.hueser
Jonas Kittner Student assistant IA 6/99 24244 jonas.kittner
Felix Sprenger Student assistant IA 6/99 24244 felix.sprenger
Lara van der Linden Student assistant IA 6/99 28682 lara.vanderlinden

Working Group Urban Climatology

Name Role Room Phone: +49 (0)234 32- Email:
Denis Ahlemann Scientist IA 5/81 21618 denis.ahlemann
Dr. Monika Steinrücke Scientist IA 5/81 23318 monika.buerger

Working Group Climatology of extreme locations:

Name Role Room Phone: +49 (0)234 32- Email:
Mario Baumgart Student assistant IA 6/105 26707 mario.baumgart
Markus Brüne Scientist IA 6/105 23400 markus.bruene
Annika Gomell Scientist IA 6/101 24832 annika.gomell
Teresa Mannsheim Student assistant IA 6/105 26707 teresa.mannsheim
apl. Prof. Dr. Andreas Pflitsch Temporary Chair of Climatology IA 6/101 26707 andreas.pflitsch
Julia Ringeis Scientist IA 6/105 24839 julia.ringeis
Jonathan Spiegel Scientist IA 6/105 23400

PhD students

Name Room Phone: +49 (0)234 32- Email:
Annika Gomell IA 6/101 24832 annika.gomell
Michael Killing-Heinze IA 6/105 26707 michael.killing-heinze
Christiane Meyer     christiane.meyer
Linda Sobolewski     linda.sobolewski
Jonathan Spiegel IA 6/105 23400

Former team members

Name Role E-Mail
Henrike Abromeit Student assistant
Dr. Hendrik Andersen Scientist
Tobias Berghaus Student assistant
Prof. Dr. Jan Cermak Chair of Climatology
Fabian Dahlke Student assistant
Jörg Eggenstein Scientist
Bettina Einicke Student assistant
Sabrina Flake Scientist
Prof. Dr. Heribert Fleer Chair of Climatology
Malte Fliegner Scientist
Nils J. Fonteyne Scientist
Dr. Julia Fuchs Scientist
Wilhelm Furian Student assistant (external)
Yuliya Golbert Student assistant
Dr. Martina Grudzielanek Scientist
Caroline Homm Student assistant
Dominik Jablotschkin Student assistant
Jennifer Lenhardt PhD student (external)
Mateja Maric Student assistant
Matthias Mause Student assistant
Johannes Nitsche Student assistant
Michael Oberhaus Student assistant
Lisa Ponath Student assistant
Maximilian Rodermund Student assistant
Steffen Schrödter Scientist
Katharina Schwarz Scientist
Katrin Sommer Student assistant
Prof. Dr. Katja Trachte Temporary Chair of Climatology

Contact us

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Department of Geography, Climatology, IA 6/123, Universitätsstraße 150, 44801 Bochum, Germany

Group office: Heike Pientka-Noll

Office hours: Mon - Fri 8:30 - 12:30

Phone: +49 (0) 234 32 - 28313, Fax: +49 (0) 234 32 - 14469