Prof. Dr. Katja Trachte

Temporary Chair of Climatology

Room Unistr. 104, 2.24

Phone +49 (0)234 32 – 28383

E-mail: katja.trachte(at)rub(dot)de

Office hours: by arrangement

ORCID: 0000-0003-4269-9668

ResearcherID: M-7310-2015


  • Boundary-layer processes
  • Interactions between land surface and atmosphere
  • Climate change and water / carbon cycle
  • Numerical modelling


  • PhD 02/2011 "Cold air drainage flows and their relation to the formation of nocturnal convective clouds at the eastern Andes of South Ecuador"
  • Diploma thesis (2006) "Sensitivitätsstudie zur raumzeitlichen Niederschlagssimulation über dem Alpenraum mit dem Mesoskalenmodell ARPS"


  • Wilhelm-Lauer-Award, Academy of Science and Literature Mainz, for outstanding PhD Thesis
  • Award of the Marburger Geographical Society for PhD Thesis

Publications with peer-review

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Publications without peer-review

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