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Monthly data in climate context

Visualizations of the climatic context of some parameters observed at our LMSS urban climate site. At the moment, all data from 1912-2016 are considered. Earlier or more recent data may be added in the future.

The figures show the following, by month:

  • Precipitation amount
  • Days with precipitation
  • Mean 2m air temperature

In the charts spanning a full year, the monthly mean or sum, depending on the parameter, the climate normal mean (black solid line) and frequency distributions of all years on record (box plots) is shown. The boxes encompass the inner-quartile range, i.e. the values of the second quartile (from the 25th percentile) and the third quartile (up to 75th percentile), separated by the median (black horizontal line). Whiskers extend to the most extreme values within 1.5 times the inner-quartile range.

In the 'bar-chart'-type figures, the monthly value for the last two included months is highlighted vis-a-vis those of all available previous years, with indications of the two extreme years to date. A normal distribution is overlaid for orientation.