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Current year in climate context

Visualizations of the climatic context of some parameters observed at our LMSS urban climate site. At the moment, all data from 1912 are considered. Earlier data may be added in the future.

The figures show the following, by day of year:

  • Cumulative precipitation sum
  • Cumulative number of days with any precipitation
  • Development of mean 2m air temperature

Each figure has solid lines for the record high and low years and for the current year, and dashed lines for the maximum and minimum value as well as the climate normal (1961-1990) mean.

For each parameter, there are two figures: One for the absolute values, and one using z scores. Z scores give the deviation of a point as multiples of standard deviations from the climate normal (1961-1990). A z score of 1.5 means that a point is 1.5 standard deviations above the mean.