Announcement: Simone Kotthaus' presentation in the master colloquium on 19th November

Wednesday, 06 November 2019 15:28

Simone Kotthaus from the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace in Paris, France will visit the Urban Climate group in November. While staying in Bochum, she will do a presentation in the master colloquium on 19th November at 4:15 pm, room IA 1/117 with the following topic:

Volume for pollution dispersion: the atmospheric boundary layer of cities

Air quality in cities is usually assessed by monitoring pollution levels near the surface. To mitigate health risks, policies are implemented that reduce pollution emissions. However, as near-surface pollution concentrations are not only affected by the source strength but can also vary in response to atmospheric transport processes, horizontal advection and vertical dilution of constituents need to be taken into account when interpreting air quality data. As the atmospheric boundary layer is in direct contact with the Earth’s surface, its height defines the volume over which pollution and moisture are dispersed at short time scales of several hours. To support monitoring and modelling of air quality in cities, detailed and long-term observations of urban boundary layer dynamics and structure are urgently needed. Recent advances in instrument technology and processing procedures now enable automatic, high-resolution observations of the boundary layer using ground-based atmospheric remote sensing techniques. After a short introduction of the latest methodological developments regarding atmospheric boundary layer measurement approaches, examples from different megacities (Beijing, Paris, London) will be discussed to highlight the impact of atmospheric dynamics on near-surface air pollution.