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Announcement: Susanne Benz' visit of the Urban Climate Working Group

Saturday, 28 December 2019 14:38

International scientist Susanne Benz from the University of California San Diego will visit the Urban Climate Working Group from 6th to 31st January. Besides working on joint papers and developing new project ideas, she will do a presentation in the master colloquium on 7th January at 4:15 pm with the following topic:

Subsurface urban heat islands

Temperatures in shallow urban ground are typically elevated. They manifest as subsurface urban heat islands (SubSUHIs) where most extreme temperature anomalies are primarily observed near underground structures (e.g. parking garages). Here annual mean temperatures are often > 6 K warmer than the rural surrounding. However, on a city wide scale SubSUHIs are primarily fueled by elevated ground surface temperatures - urban heat islands at the surface and in the subsurface are coupled through conductive heat transport. Using statistical and spatial analytical heat flux models we are able to quantify the annual heat input of dominate heat sources and discuss its potential for sustainable geothermal heat recycling. Extracting this anthropogenically originated energy could also keep groundwater temperatures from rising further.