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Scientific visit from University College Dublin

Friday, 04 September 2020 11:55

Two weeks ago, Gerald Mills and Niall Buckley from the University College Dublin, Ireland visited the Urban Climate group for an advisory board meeting on the DFG funded project ENLIGHT and exchange on other ongoing and future research. 
The ENLIGHT project, funded by DFG, aims to generate a global Local Climate Zone map for world-wide Urban Heat Island comparison and urban climate modelling. The project started in April and the first advisory meeting was held two weeks ago with a reduced size. During the advisory board meeting the progress of the project as well as future steps to be taken were discussed. 
The visit also lead to lively discussions about further projects. Niall Buckley gave a presentation on Urban Building Energy Models (UBEM) and their opportunities to calculate the energy efficiency and consumption of not only a single building, but a whole neighbourhood. This was followed by a fruitful discussion on whether and how a UBEM can be implemented into the WUDAPT initiative and the ENLIGHT project. Moreover, the crowd-bike project, which aims to build low cost sensors for bikes to measure air temperature and air pollution within the city by bike was introduced and tested in joint activity.