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Ludger Mintrop urban climate site

The Ludger Mintrop urban climate site is located near the city center of Bochum. Weather observations at the site were first recorded in 1877 by the Westfälische Bergwerkschaftskasse society. From 1888, records were taken according to the "Instructionen für Regenstationen" (instructions for rain-recording sites) by the Royal Prussian Meterological Institute. Until 1925, mainly precipitation was recorded. In early 1925, the climate site and the observations were extended according to the provisions of the "Meterologisches Zentralinstitut" to a 2nd order Station (DWD climate main site equivalent). Since 1972, the results of the observations and data are recorded and controlled by a computer system. The reports are published in form of diary lists and monthly tables. In 1994, the DMT (Deutsche Montan Technologie für Rohstoff Energie Umwelt e.V., successor of the Westfälische Bergwerkschaftskasse) handed operations of the climate site to the Department of Geography for financial reasons. Since then we continue the curating and extending the exceptionally long time series of urban climate measurements at the site renamed to "Ludger Mintrop urban climate site". 

Location: 51° 29' 29.8'' N, 7° 12' 56.6'' E, 76.5 m asl

Parameters recorded:

  • Air temperature at 2 m
  • Relative humidity
  • Temperature 5 cm above ground
  • Temperatures 10 cm, 20 cm and 50 cm below the surface
  • Precipitation
  • Dust deposition
  • Wind speed and direction, 37,8 m above surface (10 m above roof)
  • Sunshine hours (112 m asl)
  • Atmospheric pressure (106 m asl)